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Ghillian Sullivan

Singing Teacher - Opera Coach - Opera/Stagecraft Workshops

Opera/Stagecraft Workshops

GHILLIAN SULLIVAN works with small groups of singers, sharing her extensive knowledge of acting and voice in a supportive atmosphere.

"Ghillian is a first rate singing actress with a major career profile. I have recommended my students to do her short courses in opera and to take master class lessons with her. It has benefitted them enormously. She has deep knowledge and experience, great energy and a no nonsense approach. I recommend her highly."

- Patrick M. Power O.N.Z.M.

About the Workshops

Participants will study and perform scenes specifically suited to their ability tutored by Ghillian Sullivan, with an experienced opera repetiteur & a conductor.

All aspects of opera performance will be covered including movement and stagecraft, character, language, styles of different composers, finding your individual strengths, deportment, professional expectations and etiquette, memorization techniques, working with a conductor and how to enjoy and feel confident in singing.

Opera Winter Workshop SYDNEY


Opera SummerWorkshop



Opera Aria Workshop SYDNEY


Opera Aria Workshop SYDNEY


Opera Workshop SYDNEY


Opera Workshop NEWCASTLE


Cachucha ~ Ghillian Sullivan's Sydney Opera School, 2012

Ghillian Sullivan's Sydney Winter Opera School, June 9th - 11th, 2012Students learned the music and choreography during the 3 day workshop and performed it on the final day.

The Opera Performance Concert’ on the last day, is open to friends and family, donations are welcome to go towards future productions.   

Experience level required for course:

Intermediate, Semi-professional. Participant age range: 18+

Are participants required to audition?

Yes, or by teacher's recommendation.